50 Million Dollar Bedroom

“I don’t do rush hour, I work in a ball cap and shorts and I don’t worry about bills. I feel I have found the balance between work and play.”

As I continue to grow out my small business, I am careful to not forget the prize.

It is important to find the balance between saying “no” to the many carrots being presented to me, even though you should always say “yes” to all incoming business since I implore my clients to do this, when they have hired me to get that phone ringing with new sales opportunities.

For my business, it’s just not conducive to the lifestyle for me. I take a different approach- I say “no” more often than not, so I can maintain the life I enjoy. I am not ready to take on staff, accountants, lawyers and all that business admin (PUKE!). No, I will keep my feet in the sand (thank you very much) and yes will go without some of the perks of larger income status, but I am writing in my shorts and ball cap and I don’t do rush hour.

Ironically I am writing this from my $50 million dollar bedroom well actually its more like a $25 million dollar bedroom at the moment “BUT” keep reading I will explain in a pargraph or two what the heck I am talking aboutJ.

There was a time many years ago as a young enterprising, nothing to loose entrepreneur – all bravado and no “Calculated” brains , full of naiveté. The type that if bottled and sold, we would all benefit from taking a swig as we move into our 40’s, but it was at that point in my life I just couldn’t sleep at night. Not because of worry but because I couldn’t wait until the next work day.

I live this way again today, and it’s because I made a change. My secret: I stopped chasing the money! With that I found peace, I transcended ego and with that I found a sense of calm. I stopped drinking and with that I found clarity and not that my life is a bubble of bliss, but it is a life filled with more good days than bad.

I have successfully marketed $25 million worth of business via a converted bedroom space. That’s what I do today and with some tweaking my partner and I will be able to do $25 million more. Now does this sound somewhat contradictory to the above opening paragraph? Well “it’s not my money”, it’s my clients money. I chase their clients, I generate new business, as I investigate new opportunities on their behalf. Exercising an abundance of bottled up creativity; I am an artist, an actor, a hippy in a Canali suit! I can be disorganized chaos, but I love to talk and write, which is why sales suits me but I detest financial reports and excel spreadsheets, therefore what was I thinking when I was purporting myself as GRADE A businessman? I wasn’t, I sold the ideas without follow up and as such eventually those businesses imploded. Sure I had success, but with a great deal of compromise. Today I know who I am and the results are apparent in my overall appearance and vibe, I can peruse my dreams and my clients get the benefits of my crazy.

Back when I was chasing money as a real-estate investing douche, I felt fake, I felt dirty and not true to myself. This caused unhappiness beyond words, translated into a couple bad relationships, a divorce and the various addictions that go along with self sabotage and it was not long before the a disastrous cliché ending took the drivers seat of my fate!

So now I work and travel with my family. I am a professional, with serious objectives. One being NEVER compromise my happiness and when I find myself on paths that are for gaining extra revenue or scaling my business – or anything that could compromise this- I pull back. If I am moving too fast, or if I find I can’t take care of my clients objectively and honestly, then I start marching the path of discourse and before long, I hit pitfalls that are less in tune with the 3 principals that are encouraged by some of our greatest minds in business:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Humility (personal inventory)

I refer to my $50 million dollar bedroom as the ZONE. In my business, I integrate old school sales tactics with new school SEO and an aggressive online presence that is unmatched.

All from a place called the ZONE!

My zone needs a clement yet free flowing feel. A home office space that has been converted to a brain storming machine, promoting gnarly and outstanding ideas so that I don’t just do business marketing and sales, but a place where I become the exceptional.  I literally put on my Thor mask and make my calls, I have fun and my team has fun. We are not rich, but maybe we are? No sub zero fridge here but our fridge works, so the focus remains the same; fun, laughter and good vibrations. (You should always have a good espresso machine though… or go to Unkeek Brands and buy their machine – wonderful stuff and the ownership is fantastic!)

I have worked in as many as “8 zones” this past year, having literally stayed in my own home one night in 14 months, being on the road travelling from hub to hub, utilizing the services of VRBO and furnished rentals, enjoying freedom while never compromising the needs of my client’s initiatives. To be honest, most of the time my clients do not know where I am, except they do know I am in my ZONE and for them, that is what they’ve come to expect and want from me – as I get to live the dream!

So my friends, I write this to those of you who might be a little wide-eyed, perplexed by a next move, or perhaps about to ink that big fat lease for a professional space. Remember this; use a hotel lobby to meet your clients, or rent a boardroom for the day – they exist! You don’t really need to pay $3500 dollar a month lease for your workspace to validate what you do, let your work be the tale.

By this time next year I will be running $50 million in business out of my “Zone” and if I am not, it’s by my choice, not my failure.

Don’t chase cash or mismanage your time. If you feel you need to get the next piece of letterhead from the printer or the latest business cards to get started, well I call bullshit! It’s time to just pick up the phone and make the sale. In fact, I can’t wait to put my blogging pen down so I can get back to my phone calls, I must be a sadist, I love the rejection!

Where to next is anyone’s guess, but I suspect palm trees and white sand beaches with good internet is on the horizon for me. The key to work & life for me is not trying to become a billionaire overnight or to become one at all. It’s all about loving what you do, and the money becomes a distant second, and if you are enjoying your daily vocation then things will happen for you.

Try to find what is freeing for you and play some music in “your zone” because after all, “Music is the Universes Heartbeat letting you know she is alive and well”

Good vibrations and happy hunting!


Scott Bartlett


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