Intricate Group

In 2007, Intricate. was formed. With a staff of three employees, Intricate performed field services that were specific to electrical and instrumentation (E&I). However, Intricate needed to differentiate from the numerous electrical and instrumentation energy-specific companies that were saturating the market.

How did Intricate Group manage to step out of the crowd? By providing diversified, energy-specific services while addressing oil and gas sector regulatory compliance.

In other words, Intricate sustained its energy industry-specific focus while diversifying to provide services in key areas of the energy sector. Today, Intricate operates out of ten different locations with our corporate headquarters located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, and our project-based headquarters located in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Our language, culture, and inheritance is energy, and our ‘intricate’ knowledge of the energy industry allows us to better help our clients when it comes to giving their businesses the improvement strategies they need to make an impact in the industry—and in the market.


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