Oilfield Sales Consulting | Scotty B & Associates

We are an oilfield sales consulting group providing qualified direct leads, creative business development with specialized oilfield business intelligence and online strategies to attract the right customers for your oilfield business.

Skilled in Negotiation, Gas, Petroleum, Sales, and Business Communications and online business strategies and sales. SENIOR MANAGEMENT - BUSINESS STRATEGIST - MARKETING and special circumstances consultant.

Scott's professional career reflects over 20 years of executive level management, marketing, investment, business analysis. Leadership has been established in corporate, entrepreneurial, and government environments. Possess a demonstrated record of success to analyze viability of business ideas, develop creative strategies to achieve goals, and the ability to implement processes that produce result on time, under budget, and beyond expectations.

Scott's current objectives are to develop skills and experience in a variety of leadership capacities, while creating value in clients or employers business and or own ventures. Generally working as a private contractor or independent in the position of Vice President of Business Development, Marketing Manager, or Senior Council Strategic Growth Initiatives and strategies as well as communications, with a primary role as the 'hub' for developing new and creative services to enhance revenue streams and increase market share in the industry.

Proudly representing the best oilfield service companies in Alberta.

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